The Astrologer's Portrait and The Count of the Living Death are FREE to download July 5-6th!

To test out my new covers for both novels, you can download them free this July 5th and 6th from Amazon (you can download a free Kindle app even if you don't own a Kindle). These novels have been out for a few years now, and I've tried to brush them up a bit, fixing minor details and of course, revamping the covers (though I might eventually go back to the old ones). Please leave a review--even a one sentence review--if you've read either one, since Amazon only 'sees' a book after it's garnered 20 or more reviews. 

Thanks for checking them out! The links for each book are below, and you can sample a few chapters by clicking on each cover:

The Count of the Living Death (2013):

The Astrologer's Portrait (2014):