My Intercession Course: Graphic Novels, or Comics as Literature

[the above image is from David Small's Stitches]

I'm spending the next few weeks (when everyone else is off for Winter break), teaching my annual Winter Intercession course over Graphic Novels with a group of very bright, enthusiastic students.  In the weeks to come, they'll be posting over novels they're presenting as part of a larger project to the class.  The blog has been going for 2 years now, and I hope will eventually be a kind of mini-encyclopedia of hundreds of graphic novels/comics.  This week, we've read Superman: Red Son, Maus I, and Stitches, with Fun Home to follow tomorrow and next week.  The students have already offered a series of insightful comments and ideas on each work, so check out the blog and find a new favorite


  1. I like this new template you are using! It has a warm and pleasing visual quality. Good luck with the intercession!

  2. Thanks--we're almost done now. Just student presentations and papers to listen to and grade!


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