TCOTLD--Free on Amazon this Wed/Thur, Jan.8-9

What happens when you lock your Death in a chest for 15 years...and then hire a sorcerer named Hildigrim Blackbeard to sort it all out?  Find out for this Wednesday/Thursday on Amazon where you can download my book for FREE (instead of its whopping $2.99 price tag!).  I hate to plug the book on my blog, but I still believe in it and hope someone else will believe in it, too.  Commercial over--but I do hope you'll check it out! (the blurb and link follow)

Count Leopold always wondered about the strange chest sealed with three magic locks.  His father warned him never to mention the Box—nor pry into the secret chamber where it was kept.  Now the Box has begun speaking to Leopold, begging him to find the key and undo the hateful locks.  If he does so, it promises him to fulfill his every desire, even offering him the hand of the forbidden—and forbiddingly named— Lady Mary Bianca Domenica de Grassini Algarotti.  However, before unfastening the third lock he catches a glimpse of something unspeakable inside—and turns to the only man who shared his father’s secret, the legendary Conjurer-Magician, Hildigrim Blackbeard.  A man who, if the stories are true, will exact a terrible price in return for his service.