New Semester--New Class: Global Shakespeares

The Spring semester just started here at ECU, and I'm finally tackling one of my 'bucket list' courses: a Shakespeare seminar with a World Literature focus.  That is, we're focusing primarily on adaptations of Shakespeare in other countries and/or Western adaptations that are informed by the outside world--postcolonial approaches, etc.  It's a very ambitious course for me, and I've been reading up on it for months, trying to build on what I already know, and I've come across some great books, notably Huang's work, Chinese Shakespeares, which pointed me to some great modern productions in China, as well as MIT's Global Shakespeares page, which collects performances from around the world, few of them in English (watch them here):

Here is the blog that accompanies my class, and which my students will be posting on and adding to with their own ideas and research.  We're starting with As You Like It next week, first with the recent Branagh film, then with the text, so that the students encounter the adaptation first, as do most readers of Shakespeare today (many of them haven't read As You Like It yet).  Follow along and let me know if you know of other sites, books, or ideas (assignments) of interest.  So excited for this semester; this is a class that feels as creative as writing an article or a book--but I get the class to help! 

The site: