New Poetry by Ken Hada: Margaritas and Redfish

A new book of poetry is available from my friend and fellow English professor, Ken Hada, whose poetry has been performed numerous times on Keillor's The Writer's Almanac, as well as appearing in publications throughout the country.  Ken's style is a unique mix of Romantic lyricism and terse, folk-like profundity.  His poems have a cunning way of staying with you, often haunting with a single refrain that seems to explain more than can be contained in a mere poem.  I've enjoyed reading his poems--and hearing him perform them--for years now, and look forward to diving into a new volume of his work.  You can find Margaritas and Red Fish, along with his other books of poetry all at Amazon.

You can buy the book on Amazon right here:

Click here to see a few of his poems as featured on the Writer's Almanac:

A Blessing:

Mormon Missionaries Pay Me A Visit:

Old Men: